Dendrobium Anosmum “Honohono”


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Dendrobium Anosmum is a deciduous orchid that blooms in the late winter, early spring months.  Leaves can be expected to start dropping off in the early winter months and buds will soon follow.  This is a highlight plant that prefers the outdoors in the summer months.  It likes to be fertilized and watered heavily during the summer as well.  This plant is available with white or lavender blossoms, please specify which you would like in the “comments” section of our secure order form.  The plant shown is in a hanging basket that is not included with this plant.

***The “Honohono” is ONLY in bud/bloom anywhere from late February until May. We do have the plant available for sale year round (use our CONTACT form to inquire about non-blooming prices). We also have different variations of color with the flowers and we will send what is available at the time your order is placed.***

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Additional information

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Standard Wrapping, Cellophane Wrap & Ribbon, Basket & Ribbon