Orchid Of The Month

Our Orchid-of-the-Month Club is a minimum commitment of three months. We will ship your order on the first Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of every month. The cost is $38.50 per shipment via FedEx, for a total of $115.50 for three months. We will ship a premium blooming orchid plant, of different varieties, in a 4 1/4” or 5" pot, once a month. The orchid plant will be from one of the following genera: Oncidium Alliance, Dendrobium, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, or other intergeneric hybrids or species. If you would like a specific type of orchid or have any special instructions for us, use the comment box below. Please use our secure order form.

***We will continue to charge and ship you an orchid each month after your initial three months are up, unless you email or call us to cancel your Orchid-of-the-Month Club membership.***

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